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What is Send As Gift?

How does Send As Gift work?2020-11-20T01:57:31+00:00

Instant gifting is a new way to buy gifts! You can purchase a gift without knowing the gift-recipient’s shipping information to send to them. No more awkward last minute express shipping hassles or messages asking for addresses.

Getting Setup

How do I install Send As Gift?2020-11-20T01:59:14+00:00


We offer free hand-on set up for all new customers on all plans. Please contact us – [email protected] to set up a time.

Do you support Woocommerce?2020-11-20T01:59:24+00:00

Not yet – we currently only support Shopify but have plans to support Woocommerce. Email or message us letting us know to support Woocommerce and we can let you know an ETA for when this comes out.

Buying a gift

How can I instantly gift a product?2020-11-20T01:59:33+00:00

Click on the ‘Gift instantly’ button on the product page. A Send As Gift ‘pop-up’ will appear asking for the recipient’s name, email and a personal message. There is also the choice to send directly as an email or to generate a unique link to share through other methods. Finally, we will add the product to the shopping cart as an instant gift so you can complete the purchase.

How does the recipient receive the gift?2020-11-20T02:01:03+00:00

Based on your sending method, we can send an email directly to the gift recipient with a link to the landing page, where they can “unwrap” and see the gift. Or, we can send you the email so you can decide how to share the link to the recipient. Eg. Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc.

How does the recipient adjust their shipping information?2020-11-20T02:04:12+00:00

Recipient receives an email with a link to update their shipping details. This takes them to your store with a Send As Gift pop up allowing them to enter their preferred shipping address.

Who pays for the shipping cost?2020-11-20T02:05:27+00:00

The gift-buyer pays for the shipping cost if there are any.

Can the recipient swap the gift to something else?2020-11-20T02:06:24+00:00

Short answer is not right now. We are planning to allow the recipient to convert the gift into a gift card.

What happens if the recipient doesn’t accept my gift?2020-11-20T07:22:56+00:00

Eek we hope this doesn’t happen! In the case that this happens, you won’t be charged.

Receiving a gift

When will I receive my physical gift?2020-11-20T07:33:07+00:00

This depends on the individual store policy’s and the item’s weight and size. For example, a gigantic painting could take a few weeks compared to a card. Generally if it’s within Australia, it can take anywhere between 3-14 days for most items. Check with who bought you the gift to see if they have more info or check the store’s shipping policy.

Is the instant gift a physical or virtual gift?2020-11-20T07:33:47+00:00

The instant gift is a virtual gift allowing gift-buyers the ability to stay thoughtful without needing to plan for or worry about shipping making it in time.

As the receiver, you can “unwrap” and accept the instant gift to be sent to your preferred shipping address.

How do I receive a gift?2020-11-20T07:37:25+00:00

You’ll get a unique link to a personalised landing page from the gift-buyer detailing what the gift is. Then, you can enter your shipping information.

How long is the unique personalised link accessible?2020-11-20T07:37:55+00:00

The unique link will be accessible 1 week after purchasing the gift. Once you collect your gift, the link will no longer be available.


I don’t see the “Send as gift” button on my product page?2020-11-20T07:42:43+00:00

Our script searches for the payments button


and places the ‘Send as gift’ button after, with the same CSS style.

If not found, then it searches for the ‘Add to cart’ button with the following ID


If your ‘Buy it now’ and ‘Add to cart’ buttons ID/Classes are different than the ones located above please try to change it accordingly, or contact us – [email protected] so we can customise our button to fit with your settings.

Can I place the ‘Gift instantly’ button some place else?2020-11-20T07:43:25+00:00

Yes, of course! Contact us – [email protected] and we will be happy to help you with the button placement and style.